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We are a technology first, service oriented crypto market-makers building scalable, self-adaptive algorithmic technologies, to support sound and efficient markets.

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Order Book Replication

Kickstarting liquidity from day one.

Liquidity Sourced from a Universal Order Book

Order Book Replication is aimed at enhancing liquidity, through building deep order books and providing a tight spread from the very first day of launch. This is done by aggregating the order books and liquidity from one or multiple of our integrated exchanges into our global orderbook. MMrocket’s algorithms are connected to a multitude of exchanges with high volumes, which pool the liquidity from these exchanges into an internal universal order book. This liquidity is then re-injected into the target exchange providing it with the same liquidity as that of the larger exchanges.

Market Making

Deep liquidity and tight spreads at scale.

Creating Profound Trust in Markets

Market Making strategies are focused on building books that are consistent, have a healthy amount of liquidity and show an efficient spread. As such allowing investors and traders to trust the market and ultimately resulting in a reduction of asset volatility.

Our Market Making technologies use a complex set of proprietory built algorithms using Machine Learning, Markovian models and high frequency trading principles to execute and deliver 24/7 at the push of a button.

Optimal Trade Execution

Moving assets with minimal market impact.

Maximum Value at Minimal Impact

We run the optimal execution algorithm with the objective of trading assets at maximum value with minimum impact on the price. The typical process is that we agree with the client on which pairs to execute the strategy. Based on this, we run our assessment algorithm to give our clients an estimated time period and simulation of the liquidation according to the average order size, volatility, and speed of the order books. Ultimately we aggregate the orders of all the source exchange(s) in a global book and execute with our algorithms.

Spot Execution

Enabling liquidity and trade execution on demand.

Convenience and Speed Through Technology

MMrocket’s systems and algorithms ensures smart liquidation or acquisition of assets as well as fully automated rebalancing of wallets between exchanges and your system. MMrocket’s API ensures constant execution and competitive spot prices with the objective to help you create an efficient market and seamless operation. MMrocket’s spot price system strategy ultimately provides 3 main benefits: superior price, automated execution and risk management and transparent reporting.

Market Making and Liquidity Provision at Scale

  • We democratize liquidity in the digital asset space by deploying for our clients proprietary, scalable, and self-adaptive algorithms. 
  • Our partners can choose from a range of bespoke service solutions to create unique financial markets within the emerging digital asset space.
  • We have highly qualified, friendly, and experienced staff are always ready to help.

Customised Builds Deployed Quickly

MMrocket algorithms and custom builds solve the liquidity challenges of today for our clients — in any given market — at any time. 

Who We Work With

Centralized Exchanges

We help kickstart new exchanges - any size - from small to large, providing consistent tight spreads to build efficient markets and kickstart low-liquid markets to grow a base of unique emerging trading pairs.

Decentralized Exchanges

To help decentralized exchanges with liquidity, we provide deep and healthy order books at the tightest spreads possible. Our unique approach allows us to quickly attract organic volume and adoption and have allowed us to work with the largest decentralized exchanges to date.

Digital Asset Issuers
project manager

We provide turn-key bespoke solutions for token projects across multiple markets. In addition, we have the capacity to deploy our solutions for market leaders to kick-start multiple markets across our 10+ partner exchanges at the click of a mouse.

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